We help medium-sized manufacturing companies

to take data-driven decisions to produce more

Reaching the next level of industrial revolution is possible now with FactoryPuls’ innovative product. Our Plug&Play IoT Gateway provides you with:

Overall Equipment Effeciency (OEE)

Via data analysis

Overall Equipment
Efficiency (OEE)​

To achieve the maximum OEE, the downtimes need to be reduced at a minimum level. The root causes of downtimes are the errors, the maintenance and the changes over times.


Via wireless applications and remote control


One of the core characteristics of the future factory is flexibility. The high variety of variants and the short product lifecycles require continuous adjustments at the shop floor. Our products enable the possibility of cableless applications to strengthen the flexibility of your factory.

Data Transparency

Via end-to-end machine and process data

Data Transparency

The transparency of process data is the foundation of every improvement approach. To define a path to your business end goal, it is important to know your current position.

To reach Industry 4.0, having cutting-edge technologies is not enough. FactoryPuls provides you a complete IoT Toolkit including IoT gateway, IoT platform, smart analytics and data visualisation.

FactoryLens IoT Toolkit to enable Industry 4.0



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