IoT Toolkit


IoT Gateway: FactoryLens is an in-house developed industrial IoT gateway

  • Can be combined with a wide range of sensors

    +Camera sensor with 5MP Autofocus for remote data capturability

    +Motion sensor to prevent people from being captured in the picture

    +Temperature or vibration sensor

  • A microprocessor with an edge-computing algorithm to preprocess data before sending to IoT Platform
  • IP65 classification to ensure product endurance under any tough industrial environments
  • Available network technologies and wireless connectivities (LTE/5G/WLAN/LAN)
  • A microprocessor with an edge-computing algorithm to preprocess data before sending to IoT Platform
  • IP65 classification to ensure product endurance under any tough industrial environments
  • Available network technologies and wireless connectivities (LTE/5G/WLAN/LAN)

IoT Platform: The platform for data storage and cloud computing

  • Manage IoT Gateways, e.g. Firmware updates over-the-air
  • Use an established IoT Platform (Microsoft Azure Cloud) with a strong system integration, e.g. ERP systems
  • Cloud-based data storage for global access and data security

Smart Analytics: Our analytics can run on the edge or on the IoT Platform

  • Computer vision – to create data from pictures or videos
  • Machine learning algorithm – to analyse complex data
  • Automated alarms – to notify employees or trigger workflows

Visualisation: A user-friendly interface for data visualisation

  • The result of the data evaluation is visualised on a Microsoft Power BI dashboard. The dashboard is highly customizable with the displayed data relevant to individual needs.
  • Powered with Microsoft security standards and has high compatibility with other internal collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams
FactoryLens IoT Toolkit to enable Industry 4.0
IoT Toolkit

IoT gateways

Our made-in-Germany industrial IoT Gateways can combine a wide range of sensors depending on your project scope.
Our IoT Gateways range in two variants: FactoryLens and FactorySens

FactoryLens IoT Gateway camera sensor
FactoryLens - Camera based data capture

Applicable Areas

Automated inventory management


Automated meter reading


Automated quality monitoring

FactorySens IoT Gateway Multiple sensors
FactorySens - Connected to multile industrial sensors

Applicable Areas

Pump & Compressor monitoring


Predictive Maintenance


Live Process Analysis


FactoryLens IoT Gateway camera sensor
FactoryLens IoT Gateway


On the runway to the industrial revolution, we understand your challenges when it comes to digitalizing the production process. From our shop-floor experience, FactoryPuls offers you an easy-to-use IoT Gateway product – FactoryLens, to enable the implementation of Industry 4.0


FactoryLens is our best-in-class product to support manufacturing companies in data transparency and improving production efficiency. FactoryLens specializes in capturing data from pictures (or videos), and informs the data-driven decisions through our smart analytics. FactoryLens can be used as a retrofit for existing hardware or as a monitoring solution for the new production lines. Its plug&play capability ensures a quick and easy installation to any use cases and digital scalability.


FactoryPuls commits to protect the data across all the applications and the IoT platforms.



  • Machines – Data:

FactoryLens is connected to your machines to capture the picture. The captured picture is sent to the cloud storage (Microsoft Azure) through an available network (5G/Wifi/LTE).

  •  Data – Decisions:

In the cloud, the captured picture is analyzed by FactoryPuls computer-vision algorithm in order to determine data values. For some specific use cases, the algorithm can be already executed on our edge device (FactoryLens). The data values will be visualized on the Power BI report to help you gain data insights. These visual insights and alarms inform data-driven decisions.


  • Decisions – Actions:

Once the decisions are informed, the operator or the system itself can take actions via remote control. This is where the efficiency improvement is happening. This interactive connection between the physical and the digital world is the core of the industrial IoT or Industry 4.0.



Our customer is the leading manufacturer of high performance foil. The machines utilized in their production have different types with various outdated construction years.

To help our customer reach Industry 4.0, the most relevant goal is achieving the data transparency. Our FactoryLens IoT Gateway can be implemented to connect our customer’s machines. The connected machines will then send the data to common Systems e.g. Microsoft Azure. At this point, the operators can monitor the process’s parameter such as the machine cylinder forces and the motor vibrations, the motor energy consuming, the production speed and many more. The chosen data are displayed on a dashboard which is remotely available on every smart devices such as a tablet, a smartphone or even a smart watch. Furthermore, an algorithm can be applied to the data to calculate the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) such as the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE). Due to our advanced industrial interfaces, our customer is able to control the machine remotely.

Our FactoryLens IoT Gateway and our methods can help our customer set their foundation of the Industry 4.0 and the industrial IoT. In this way, we make their goal of a future factory reachable.

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