We simplify the connection of machines and humans to support manufacturing companies in leveraging the full potential of Industry 4.0


To become the leading partner of manufacturing companies in the digitalization.



Focus on customers and success will follow


Our differences create our values. We respect, listen, empower and acknowledge our team


Honesty goes a long way


Innovation is the wheel of our product development

Data Driven

We believe in decisions based on data and insights


We commit to create a positive impact on the ecological, social and economical environment


Carlos Klein

Founder & Industry 4.0 Expert

“The only one way for manufacturing industry to reach their next level is through innovation and technology. However, I believe that robotics, AI and data will not replace humans. They will enable us to leverage our full potential.”

With a splendid profile of 11+ years of experience participating in multiple international projects across Europe and Asia, Carlos has become an expert in LEAN, Industry 4.0, IoT, Operational Excellence, Agile, Quality & Process Management. He specialises in the industries of manufacturing, IoT, automotive and consultancy. The exceptional experience has strengthened his ability in working with a diverse team and management at all levels. 


Carlos’s favorite tools are Lean management and the pragmatic use of IoT-Technology. He is responsible for Business Development and Project Management at FactoryPuls.

Leo Muntaniol

Senior Business Development Manager

Only by creating value together is it possible to grow with the customer.

Leo leads FactoryPuls’ business development activities. He is a sales talent. Before joining FactoryPuls, he gained extensive experience in manufacturing, software as well as management consulting. Thus, Leo knows the challenges of digitalization on the way to Industry 4.0 from different perspectives and always has approaches to solutions.

His extensive experience and skills as well as his passion for value creation have seasoned him for the role of Senior Business Development Manager and will enable him to lead FactoryPuls to new successes.  

Harshil Gandhi

Lead Developer

I love the fact that that I can build and implement cutting-edge software solutions and help businesses scale through digital transformation.

Harshil is a Master‘s degree holder in Information Technology with 10+ years of experience in software development.


His experience coupled with immense interest in data, AI and IoT related subjects have shaped Harshil for the role of Lead Developer at FactoryPuls. He‘s a proactive problem-solver, which has enabled him to build and implement cutting-edge software solutions. This will contribute greatly to the development of our IoT solution.

Kevin Becker

IoT Hardware Development Engineer

Kevin Becker holds a bachelor diploma in electrical engineering from the Technische Hochschule Lübeck. He is a well-trained electrician and also has a deep knowledge in Mechanical Engineering. He has become the expert who drives the development of the IoT hardware at FactoryPuls.

Kevin also has a strong interest in programming with the languages C++, C and python. His hobby in the free time? Developing and building a modular CNC machine that can process as many materials as possible using various manufacturing processes.

Prathyusha Kanda

Machine Learning and IoT Cloud Developer

Prathyusha holds a German master diploma in Industrial Informatics/Electrical and Computer Science. She is responsible for Machine Learning  Algorithm and Cloud Solution Development at FactoryPuls.

She  has working experience in  development of IoT applications in  Microsoft Azure. She also has done data Engineer projects that requires knowledge in Apache Spark, Power BI,  Data Warehouse technologies.

Her hobby in the free time? Participating in hackathons!


Prof. Dr. Henner Gärtner, Advisory Board at FactoryPuls

Prof. Dr. Henner

Professor of Industrial Logistics

Role at FactoryPuls:


Mentor for Digitization Projects & Business Development


Reinhard Hahn, Advisory Board at FactoryPuls


Board of Wirtschafts-Senioren

Role at FactoryPuls:


Advisor on Financing Topics & 

Business Model Development

Prof. Dr. Marina Tropmann-Frick, Advisory Board at FactoryPuls

Prof. Dr. Marina Tropmann-Frick

Professor of Computer Science

Role at FactoryPuls:


Advisor in Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

Manfred Klein, Advisory Board at FactoryPuls


Management Consultant
& Trainer

Role at FactoryPuls:


Advisor in Project 

Environmental Management


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